Goodbye, Marie Kondo: More is now More: The new opulence

                           Tuesday, November 12, 2019                                By Alexandra Gorres                                           Scandi, Botanical, Hygge, Minimalism, Midcentury, Wabi Sabi or Lagom – those who are interested in interior design know these trends. High time for something new – here comes the maximalism!               What used to

The Witcher: Netflix makes a horror series

 Now it will not be long before Netflix 'contender for the fantasy serial throne launches after the end of Game Of Thrones. But The Witcher is apparently more horror and a little less fantasy than previously thought. This is the latest information that came

The World's Smallest Hoofed Animal: Lost Deer Piglet Pats in Camera Trap

                           Tuesday, November 12, 2019                                                            These are real sensational photos that make wildlife cameras in the south of Vietnam: missing for nearly three decades Vietnam-Kantschil runs into the established camera traps – and 1881 times.               So far, biologists have believed that

Fantasy Island Trailer – FILM.TV

Horror movie tips you should have seen: Saw: Without the slightest idea how they got into this nightmare, two men wake up chained on opposite walls in a basement dungeon. The kidnapper leaves only a bled corpse and a tape on which he offers