Airbnb wants to banish party houses from the offer

Sunday, 03.11.2019
09:35 clock

Anyone who rents his private apartment via online portals to strangers gives up control over their own four walls – in the hope that the tenants will behave there reasonably. But again and again it happens that guests misbehave or leave more people in the house than announced and celebrate an illegal party.


This happened a few days ago in Orinda near San Francisco. More than a hundred people had come to a halloween party in an Airbnb-rented house after announcing the celebration in online networks. The festival ended in tragedy: a shootout killed five people between the ages of 19 and 29, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Several others were injured.

After the violence in the Californian town Airbnb has now announced consequences. The booking platform wants to take so-called party houses from their offer. "From today we banish 'party houses'," said Airbnb boss Brian Chesky on Twitter.

  Airbnb will double its "efforts to combat unauthorized parties and get rid of abusive behavior by hosts and guests." For this purpose, "high-risk reservations" would be reviewed by Airbnb. As an aid, a "risk detection technology" would be used.

How Airbnb rates the risk before booking

In addition, a special "party house reaction team" created that could intervene in case of violations of the rules immediately, announced the head of Airbnb. "We have to do it better – and we will."

  Providers of holiday apartments can exclude certain uses of Airbnb by marking their home with the note "no parties or events".


Even Michael Wang, the owner of the house in Orinda, had his property so marked according to the "San Francisco Chronicle". He did not know anything about the planned party, where it came to firearms attack. He said he had rented his house to a woman who told him she was organizing a family reunion for a dozen people.

  Mutual trust is the principle on which Airbnb is based, writes the bed broker on its website. But there is a risk assessment before every booking confirmation. "We use predictive methods and machine learning to instantly evaluate hundreds of signals that help us detect and eliminate suspicious activity even before they occur," Airbnb writes.

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