Bones Hail from 14 Mammoths: Mammoth Traps Found in Mexico

              Thursday, November 07, 2019

              Actually, a waste dump is to be built in Tultepec, Mexico, but the discovery of two pits leads to excavations. The researchers marvel at the discovery of 15,000-year-old bones, which change their previous image of prehistoric man.
              Researchers have discovered approximately 15,000-year-old pitfalls and the remains of 14 mammoths in Mexico. The find pointed to a higher degree of organization of hunters and gatherers than previously known. This was reported by Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH). So far, it has been assumed that specimens of the long-extinct group of animals were then only attacked there, if they were an easy victim – for example, because they were stuck in a swamp. Their hunters were the first people in the area around today's Mexican capital. The discovery was made during excavations on the site of a planned landfill in about 40 kilometers north of Mexico City Tultepec. It found two pits 1.7 meters deep and 25 meters in diameter with walls at almost straight angles and 824 bones, including eight skulls. Among other things, the age could be seen from a fine layer of dust from the eruption of the Popocatépetl volcano some 14,700 years ago, which was found on and between the bones, as the INAH said. The discovery of this form of mammoth hunt in the area represents a change in thinking about the interaction between humans and the tusks there, explained INAH archeology chief Pedro Sánchez Nava. Remains of mammoths have been found in the area in the state of Mexico. The archaeologists now suspect in the area more pitfalls.

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