Bundeswehr renounced naval helicopter NH90 Sea Lion for the time being

Wednesday, 27.11.2019
14:48 clock

For the time being, the Bundeswehr is not commissioning the NH90 Sea Lion naval helicopter supplied by Airbus five weeks ago because of significant gaps in the operating manual. During maintenance, the so-called technical documentation reported 150 irregularities. "In sum, these are significant errors that do not allow safe flight operations of the helicopter," said the Federal Ministry of Defense.


Airbus Helicopters handed over the first Sea Lion to the Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Federal Armed Forces on 24 October. Altogether, the Bundeswehr has ordered 18 machines of this type which, according to current planning, are to be put into operation by 2022.

A technical documentation should contain all information about a weapon system, which is necessary for use, maintenance and repair. For the Sea Lion, the Bundeswehr considers that by far not guaranteed. One is still convinced in principle of the performance of the helicopter. "But due to the inadequate and incomplete technical documentation, at the present time, a flight operation by the men and women of the Navy can not be responsible." The manufacturer has agreed to fix the errors in the documentation as soon as possible.

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