Bush fires in New South Wales: Two Australians die in the flames

              Saturday, 9th November 2019

              In eastern Australia, firefighters fight devastating bushfires. In a burnt-out car, helpers discover the body of a man. A woman succumbs to her burn injuries. The authorities fear further deaths.
              The bushfires in eastern Australia have killed at least two people. The number of victims could still increase, said the fire department of the state of New South Wales. At least seven more people are still missing. About three dozen people were injured, including 19 firefighters. In addition, more than 100 houses have been destroyed, the authorities reported. The weather forecast does not bode well: it should remain dry and windy. In the fire region about 550 kilometers north of Sydney, firefighters at Glen Innes had recovered the body of a man from a burned-out car, the fire department said. A woman initially rescued from the same fire later succumbed to injuries in the hospital. Life in the Fire ZoneOn Saturday morning (local time) firefighters were still battling 72 individual bushfires of varying sizes – in New South Wales alone. Of these, 18 fires were out of control, it said. More than 1000 firefighters are in action. The authorities released a video that emergency response crews made their way through the fire zone: "This shows the dangerous conditions faced by firefighters and local residents," the description reads. The photos were taken around Hillville near the village of Taree, about 250 kilometers north of Sydney. For residents of the affected regions, the authorities published a map showing larger bush fires. The mass of fires rages in the coastal hinterland between Sydney and Brisbane. Several bushfires have also been reported from the northeastern state of Queensland. Biting smoke makes it difficult for residents to breathe. Even in the regional metropolis of Brisbane, the smoke veil darkened the sky. In the southern hemisphere, the warmer six months have just begun.

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