Death Penalty in the US: Texas Judges Convicted Murderer Justen Hall

Thursday, 07.11.2019
02:53 clock

Fourteen years after his death sentence, Justen Hall was executed in Huntsville, Texas. The 38-year-old was declared dead on Wednesday at 18:32 local time. He was given a lethal injection.


A court sentenced Hall to murder in 2005, strangling a woman three years earlier. He wanted to prevent the 29-year-old from passing information to the police. Among other things, it was the place where Hall and other members of a White Supremacist Gang drugged and held meetings.

According to court records, Hall and other gang members buried the woman's body in the New Mexico desert.


  Hall is the 19th inmate to be executed in the US this year – and the eighth in Texas. In no other state have executions been more frequent since the reintroduction of the death penalty in 1976.

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