FC Bayern: whirlwind around Cuisance

Mickael Cuisance is also after his change from Borussia Mönchengladbach to Bayern for negative headlines. Now the Frenchman even flew from the starting team in the second team of the record champions. However, not for Leistungsgründen.Der former Gladbacher should accumulate in the third league match Bayern reserves against 1. FC Magdeburg from the start, but then found himself on the bench again. In addition, he had to explain before the game in front of the responsible, while the rest of the team were at the meeting.

Coach Sebastian Hoeneß justified this decision to "" with the fact that the 20-year-old "came too late to the meeting point and we simply have rules that everyone must adhere to." Problem to find the shoes, junior chef Jochen Sauer explained that Cuisance had arrived late as he was struggling to get his shoes on the profit track, but did not accept that as an excuse. According to a report in the Bild, the French U20 international was on Saturday night at his teammate's birthday party Alphonso Davies in a club in Munich, which leaves room for speculation. Sure, Cuisance advised: "Then I just have to come so early, that this can not happen to me." The transfer to the bank is therefore consistent for him: "It was only a few minutes, but the decision must then just make the coach." So the Frenchman had to wait until the 64th minute for his third league third campaign, but then provided with his effort for Bayern II to save the 2-1 victory over time. In the Bundesliga, it was enough for the youngster so far only two Kurzinsätzen.Schon shortly before his move to Munich, the midfielder had caused a stir with his appearance. So Cuisance forced the transfer to Bayern with the public demand for a start-up guarantee. His desire for more playing time, however, was not yet fulfilled at Bayern.

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