Formula 1: Binotto quarrels with Rennpace: "Not enough wins brought"

Ferrari wants to improve its race pace for 2020, if you want to have a chance at the title. For 2019, which is no secret, Sunday was the biggest weak point of the Scuderia. The numbers speak a clear language: If you move with 9: 9 pole positions opposite Mercedes on equal terms, it is in terms of victories for Ferrari 3:14 ,

"It is true that we did not win enough victories," says team boss Mattia Binotto on these statistics. Although you have even missed a few opportunities, but generally knows the Italians that Mercedes has had the better car – especially in the first half of the season. "We know that if we want to win, we still have to improve." However, he must stress that Ferrari showed in 2019 that you can improve. In the first half of the year, they had not seen a trick against Mercedes, but from the summer break, it was much better: Ferrari was able to retract three wins in a row and also six pole positions in a row. Recently, however, it was not so good: "Me think that our race pace in the last three races was not as good as that of the winner, "says Binotto. It's not a drama, but we know we're not fast enough in the races, and to win, you need the best car in the race, no doubt. "Austin was an outlier Above all, the Austin race was a big setback. Because Ferrari was so hopelessly inferior there, the defeat for many was associated with the FIA ​​directive around the engine. But in Brazil, Ferrari seemed to be able to keep up. "Our race was not bad," emphasizes Binotto. "Sebastian was comfortable in third place, faster than at least a Mercedes and a Red Bull. And Charles was probably on the podium from 14th, so the race was certainly okay," said the Italian. Austin was just there Outliers have been down. "What happened there is still not clear to us, but the balance was not right and the riders had problems putting energy into the tires to warm them up, so it was the set-up and the tires" Binotto.Ferrari have subsequently carried out some actions. "But that remains in the team," says the team boss. The Reds from Maranello wait since 2008 for a world title in Formula 1.

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