Haribo practices self-criticism: "lost sight of the golden bear"

Tuesday, 26.11.2019
13:04 clock

In 2018, Haribo's sales dropped sharply. Meanwhile, the fruit gum manufacturer has caught again, as CEO Andreas Patz said in an interview with the "Handelsblatt". At the end of the year, the company expects growth of three percent. "We have returned to the road to success."


In the fight for the customers Haribo now wants to rely more strongly on his classics like Gold Bears or Color Rado. "We lost sight of our top products like the golden bear," said Patz. His predecessors would have relied too much on niche products such as sugar-reduced fruit gums. But customers did not want to be constantly reminded that buying sweets is not necessarily a rational decision. "

Haribo sees its own advertising funds used incorrectly

According to "Handelsblatt", the market leader in the fruit gum market had to accept a strong decline in sales of almost ten percent in Germany last year, while competitors such as Katjes and Storck achieved double-digit growth. This is largely due to their own mistakes, said Patz. Thus, the advertising budgets were unsuccessfully concentrated on sugar reduced fruit gums.

  Additional problems were caused by the conversion of the merchandise management system to SAP. Haribo underestimated the complexity of the change. This has led at times to delivery losses "up to ten percent and above".

Haribo had recently caused by the move of his headquarters from Bonn to the county in the surrounding area headlines. In a SPIEGEL conversation, Hans Guido Riegel assured in 2018: "You can assume that our innovations did not stop at the liquorice wrapping machine." Nevertheless, Riegel regretted somewhat the hesitancy of the company there, for example in the business on the Chinese market. "The Chinese dominate the online business like no other, so we can learn everything for our international business – we should have done that three years ago," said Riegel.

  Despite the current return to old recipes for success: For the former brand ambassador Thomas Gottschalk there should be no comeback. Patz said, "The days of the big Saturday night shows, when the whole family gathers in front of the TV, are over."

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