HBL: SG Flensburg-Handewitt also disappointed in relegation candidate TVB Stuttgart

The German handball champion SG Flensburg-Handewitt threatens to slip into a crisis. In relegation candidate TVB Stuttgart, the team of coach Maik Machulla did not go beyond a 23:23 (11:12) and loses after 11 matchdays more and more the connection to the table top. In third place Flensburg is already three points behind Bundesliga leaders TSV Hannover -Burgdorf, the THW Kiel could pull away in victories in two catch-up games on four counts.

"All in all it was very broken, we make too many simple mistakes, it breaks our neck, but the moral is there," said Machulla. Back space player Jim Gottfridsson scolded: "I'm really angry, really disappointed." After two Champions League defeats in a row, it had been brewing at Flensburg in the run-up to the match, but the reaction hoped for by Machulla remained largely absent Defending champion at the table-15. behind, the backspace around Magnus Röd did not find his Wurfrhythmus, numerous moves misslangen. To make matters worse was the injury caused by the Norwegian Goran Sögard Johannessen, who had already after five minutes from the plate.Finally in the closing stages Flensburg rallied thanks to strong defensive work and seemed to tilt the game yet. At 22:21 by Magnus Jondal the high favorite went for the first time in the lead. However, just seconds before the end, Stuttgart equalized. The Swabians brought in their ninth competitive match against Flensburg first time a point.

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