Interim coach Hansi Flick comments on his future in Munich

It's the game of the weekend: on Saturday evening FC Bayern München and interim coach Hansi Flick welcome BVB. In the run-up to the game, Flick faced journalists' questions. accompanied the press conference in the live blog. Here are the most important statements to read: +++ That's it! +++ All questions are answered, Hansi Flick says goodbye and leaves the grandstand.

+++ Flick on a certain tactic against BVB +++ "We set the team so that they are prepared for everything 90 minutes before kick-off we know then which squad is approaching us and then we have a bit Time for the final touchdown. " At BVB there are still question marks behind the missions of Marco Reus and Jadon Sancho. +++ Flick on the atmosphere in the team +++ "They are absolute professionals and really hot." That's what I felt during training today since Wednesday, everyone is very focused and focused. "+++ Flick on Alphonso Davies +++" It's about addressing things that did not go so well, and we've done that with Alphonso. In order to put Hakimi in his place, we are quite confident. "+++ Flick about his first contact with Hoeneß +++" That would have been in 1983 or 1984. I was with my in-laws and Hoeneß called me and said that he wants me. "The negotiations then went relatively quickly (laughs)." +++ Flick on the potential of the team +++ "In the last few years in Munich have been spoiled by offensive football – not only the fans, we too are with the services de Not quite satisfied in the last weeks. It's quite normal, you see Bayern Munich in recent years and you can see Bayern Munich now. I put the value on the defensive, we know that we have to improve the offensive. "+++ Flick on his two games as a Bayern coach +++" I enjoy the two games. The first we won, the second is a different caliber. I'm relaxed, even though I do not sleep as deeply as usual. "+++ Flick about his nickname Hansi +++" My father's name is Hans, my grandfather's name is Hans, I'm completely satisfied with Hansi. If the players call me Hansi, I have no problem with that, because I'm completely relaxed. If I get loud this is normal, then I will not be 'Hans'. "+++ Flick over BVB +++" Both teams have very good players in their ranks. Dortmund plays very fast football. For us it is important to hold against and to create opportunities in our possession. "+++ Flick over the training week +++" For the team and the environment last week was certainly not easy. The win against Piraeus has contributed to the fact that the knot has burst a bit. It's just important that there is a positive mood in the team. We were in training with concentration but also a certain looseness in the field. Currently we still lack the clarity and the ball security in the game. "+++ Flick on bench press Thiago and Coutinho +++" I played football myself and was always angry, if I did not play. Each of our field players can really always play, I do not worry about that. We also know that the situation is not so easy for one or the other, some people are certainly dissatisfied. "+++ Flick about his future +++" The game Dortmund is my goal, because I want to go through with a win. This is an absolute highlight in the Bundesliga, I look to it tomorrow. The future is after Saturday, I'm currently not interested. Bayern will make its decision, I can not influence anything else. "+++ Flick on his first game against Piraeus +++" I think we did a great job focusing on the defensive. The intensity was very high. Joshua Kimmich has run more than 13 kilometers, that's a huge value. Sure, in footballing we still have room for improvement, but for me, the defensive has priority. "+++ The press conference starts +++ Hansi Flick arrives in the press room and enters the small podium In a few moments, it starts. ++ + Is the FC Bayern free from the crisis? +++ For weeks now, the German record champions run after his form of the last four Bundesliga games won the Munich only one After the desolate 1: 5 at Eintracht Frankfurt had Niko Kovac Under the new coach, Bayern stabilized at least in the first game and won on Wednesday in the Champions League against Olympiakos Piraeus 2-0. Flick waived Thiago and Coutinho, both ball artists sat only on the bench – possibly a finger tip in the direction of the top game.Feetback must Bayern to the long-term injured Niklas Süle and Lucas Hernández, Jérôme Boateng missing red-locked. +++ B VB the easy favorite? +++ It is better, however, for BVB. Behind leaders Borussia Mönchengladbach Dortmund is second in the table. In the premier class, the black and yellow turned against Inter Milan a 0-2 deficit and won at the end 3: 2. That should give team and coach Lucien Favre a tailwind. At BVB, the recovering Paco Alcácer is an option for the starting eleven. The Spaniard was missing four weeks ago because of an Achilles tendon irritation. +++ Welcome +++ FC Bayern is currently only fourth in the table – that did not exist after ten matchdays long. How fast does Hansi Flick get Bayern out of form-low? And how does the interim coach set up his team? These questions are answered by the new Munich coach at the press conference.

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