Johannes Oerding has "contours": "I also think German Pop Poet is terrible"

              Not only since his participation in this year's season of the Vox show "Sing my song" is Johannes Oerding one of those so-called German pop poets who ride the wave of success. Every year he plays around 80 live shows in front of a mostly sold-out house, his previous albums reached gold, if not equal platinum status. And so he has also made a lot of plans for his sixth long-playing work "Contours" is a special album for Johannes Oerding for various reasons. Not only did he struggle with its creation process and now he is even happier to present it. He also recorded a duet with her for the first time in his ten-year relationship with musician and presenter Ina Müller. Why it despite happy relationship has become just a song of separation and what makes him panic at the thought of death, the 37-year-old told in an Johannes, you're with " Circles "long toured. When did the time come to think about his successor? Johannes Oerding: This time I had bigger problems with it, because in the course of the many live-games and the success of the last album I forgot to take notes in between and with to begin the writing. I had swept everything away, as we say in northern Germany. At some point I got really panic, because I had no idea yet. I thought, I can not remember, I have no output and I stop. What caused the node to break? * Privacy Policy There was a dramatic experience when playing with my band in Turkey at an open air. I sat by the pool in the evening and had an idea in my fingers that I played to the guys from the band. That was the melody of "On good days". And the others immediately said that was a hit. I knew then that I could still do it. That was an important moment for me because it was the starting signal to get me back into writing mode. And then I noticed that there are quite a lot of topics I'm dealing with. There are socially critical approaches here and there … I do not know if there is a definition for political songs, but I would say that a piece like "Better It says, among other things: "Where are the poets and thinkers? Just see the judges and executioners, are we really accepting that?" Is not that enough? "The topic is considered and an attitude becomes clear. With this one strikes a certain side and quite consciously I do that without a raised finger. I think it's terrible to tell others what they need to do better. I've always tried to involve myself and ask what we can all do better. How do we get that? I do not have a solution either, but the point is that I try to get on with it myself, and at best the people who listen to my music and may be less apathetic. Still, I do not have to use swear words all of a sudden. I'm not fine cream fish fillet. It would be strange if I suddenly came around the corner. Politically and socially speaking, many of your German-Pop-Poeten colleagues avoid the holy water like the devil. Do you see yourself in this drawer, or are you trying to stand out from the rest? It's a mix of both. I try to sell my niche a bit, because I think "German Pop Poet" also terrible. There is a drawer, where guys come in with guitar and German lyrics, drawer to. We have known each other for many, many years. We know exactly what the one and what the other stands for. But this is not sent outside. At worst, people only hear the radio hits, which have a certain format running water. They often do not even get to listen to an entire album. One of the disadvantages of streaming. Exactly. That's a pity. I stand for being a live artist who came here and not over a radio hit. I've been playing live for 15 years now and I'm fortunate to hear some of my stuff on the radio. But I also stand for content and topics about which the others do not speak that way. I am a hybrid between the scene that is always political and that it never is. I try to continue to make my pop music. But I also try to use my reach as a citizen with a microphone in my hand. I can trumpet my visions and ideas into the world and people have to listen to it first. (laughs) The song "On good days" from the first idea consistently opens the album. What is a good day for you? A good day was definitely when my mother called after I sent her the song and said: "Datt is a great song. (laughs) That was nice, I was very happy. Since it was clear that he is also played in the Schützenfestzelt and the bumper cars at us on the Lower Rhine. I try to remind myself with the song itself that you often forget the good things. If you do not get stuck in a traffic jam for example. Today I came here by train, it was on time, we got our seats. But I see myself here again tonight, if the train is late, how I am angry about it.Bisher your albums were named after a song title from it. This is different this time. Why did you choose "contours?" So far, I've never had a real concept of the album title. I've always taken a song title that was particularly important or just sounded good. This passage appears on "Alles okay". As it says: "And this dirt on my skin is finally so familiar to me, because these traces and contours make me." For the sixth album I have the feeling to find my own profile more and more. My concern is that, as an artist, I am also to be assigned, apart from music, to what I stand for as a human being. * Privacy You are always extremely balanced and happy. But are not the best songs written out of pain? I'm there like many artists, of course I have these valleys and I need them to write the more intense stuff. For a song like "Benjamin Button" or "When you go" I have to have a certain inner turmoil. It may all seem like I'm happy, but there are two lives. There is an outward life on stage and in interviews. But of course I also have my problems of a private and professional nature. We have experienced so many disappointments in between, but they are not sent outside. As you despair sometimes. At the moment, I am most desperate to see how we are destroying the world and how people are going on each other. That bothers me enormously.Has you also the result of the state election in Thuringia busy? I had hoped so that people say: "Can not bring, the hump is over it, that's one too many." But far from it. And no, of course you are not all the Nazis you choose the AfD, but you obviously choose a party that has fascists and wants a lot of things that the government wanted in the 1930s and 1940s. That's hard to see in my Thuringia, which I actually love very much. Weimar, Erfurt, these are culturally so cool cities. The song "Benjamin Button" uses the theme familiar from the film with Brad Pitt: to be born old, to die young. What fascinates you about the thought? I have been in the drawer for about nine years and never found the right approach, the right words for it. I do not really like to think about the end. I get panic when I think about death. I am not a believer. I get sweats there. That's why "Benjamin Button" is a very sad song for me and it was not easy to write it. At some point it's over or you lose people you liked or you do not even meet them. That's why I'm so proud of this song because it's an unusual topic. What causes the fear of death? That nothing could come afterwards? That can also be a relaxing thought. That is a very philosophical question. First of all, I am fundamentally afraid of nothingness. I live very, very much and I would like to live forever. Do you really believe that you still think like that at the age of 90? Apart from the typical signs of aging, our world is not just changing for the better … I hope that I have found a faith until 90. Something that gives me confidence, security or even the fear. My father is a doctor, I've talked to him about it before. He has already accompanied many dying and he said that in the hour of death no one wants to go. But that is always dependent on the course of recent years, months and hours. Death can be salvation, you are right. If you have a painful illness, it can be a salvation. But if you ask me now and I think about it now, then I really get sweats and can not fall asleep. Ina Müller has been the woman on Oerding's side for ten years. (Photo: imago images / Jan Huebner) Okay, then better back to life – and love. You and Ina Müller, you have been a couple for ten years, but you are not married. Is this a deliberate decision or has it simply never happened? For us, it's not a deliberate decision in one direction or the other. But I can still put an end to it via SMS. (laughs) There's a duet of the two of you for the first time on the album. Do you work together a lot, where you do not already live together? We never walk across the red carpet together, but behind the scenes we work towards each other. When I make an album, I need her advice because she has very fine antennas. In addition to her professionalism, she still has an amateur heart that immediately tells her what a hit is and what does not. It's good to have someone like that. Of course she also asks me when she does her music. That works quite well at the working level. It is also associated with much controversy and a lot of red wine. (laughs) The duet is "I do not have to lose you anymore", the saddest song of all, because it's all about separation … DISPLAY Contours (Standard Edition) * Privacy It was not planned for us to do a duet , I wrote the number and played it to her. That's when she sang the second voice, which made perfect sense. So we tried it out in the studio, faced each other and just punched it in. That was magic, we recorded it that way and the song made it onto the album. And yes, the topic is separation. Otherwise I would not have done it, everything else I would have found extremely cheesy. The source of inspiration was someone from my private environment. That's not us, it does not affect us. But I read: Predictive action is a sign of higher intelligence. Should we part time, we have the separation song already at the start. I can then simply send her via SMS. (laughs) Nicole Ankelmann spoke to Johannes OerdingThe album "Konturen" is available from the 8th of November.

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