New Date for 737 Max Launch: Boeing Customer Hopes for March 2020

              Saturday, 9th November 2019
                        737 Max does not fly before March?
                    American Airlines has to reschedule

              New setback for Boeing: The US aircraft manufacturer can continue to call a safe start date for the problem jets type 737 Max. As a precautionary measure, an important major customer is removing the aircraft from the flight schedule by spring.
              The American airline American Airlines expects further delays in the Boeing 737 Max aircraft. The company, which is one of the major Boeing customers in the home market, announced before the weekend further adjustments in the flight plan. American Airlines therefore expects to be able to use the passenger jets again from 5 March 2020 at the earliest. Boeing 351.00 Previously, the airline had targeted the 16th January as an appointment for the resumption of flights with these machines. For Boeing, this results in further financial risks: every day the planes can not take off, the costs for the airlines, who had firmly reckoned with the new aircraft, are rising. The missing capacities have to be compensated by costly rescheduling. This not only increases the displeasure of customers. The volume of any claims for damages is also swelling. Inspection authorities all over the world had imposed a start-up ban on the Type 737 Max aircraft following two plane crashes with a strikingly similar course. In order to regain the operating license, Boeing must convince the authorities of the suitability of the model for flight. The work is going on. With the recent decision Boeing major customer American Airlines deleted the model for another one and a half months from the flight plan. The use of the 737 Max in regular passenger operation has been postponed for the umpteenth time. The US airline has earlier ordered 100 jets of the type in question Boeing ordered. The unit price is according to the list depending on the equipment between 100 and 135 million dollars (around 90 to 122 million euros) .Failure a full year? The 737 Max may not withdraw since mid-March. Airlines worldwide are waiting for the release of the machines. Production continues almost unabated. In total, more than 5,000 aircraft of this type have been ordered from Boeing. Manufacturer Boeing is under pressure to fix software issues that are considered to be a major cause of the two crashes, with a total of 346 fatalities. Whether and when the machines are allowed to start again depends on international regulatory authorities and is currently unclear. The start-up bans make it difficult for the airlines involved, so many flights are canceled.

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