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Today we are dealing with the amazing transformation of a well-known Vice Chancellor, the dismissal of an AfD politician and the future of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

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On this morning, AfD politician Stephan Brandner is voted out as chairman of the legal committee of the German Bundestag. The deputies of all other parties consider him intolerable – after statements that were either perceived as racist or anti-Semitic, but in any case were dubious. Who is elected may also be voted out again.

  The deselection of an individual who has proved unworthy of the Office, however, does not change the fact that the party is entitled to posts after parliamentary appointments. So you could nominate another representative, but sulks for the time being, why until further notice, the deputy committee chairmen take the lead.

  Incidentally, Deputy Member Thomas Seitz is also among the other members of the AFD's Legal Affairs Committee. The pleaded at the beginning of the year for an "effective deterrence" in illegal entry: "For a change of Art. 102 GG must not be a taboo". What was meant was the article of the Basic Law, which states: "The death penalty is abolished."

What happened to Olaf Scholz?


Last night, a new politician stepped on the political scene: the militant Olaf. With his predecessor, the rather soporific Scholz (known nationwide for two decades), this Scholz had only the appearance in common.

  The duel of the candidate couples, seen in the party's livestream, which traditionally started with technical problems, showed an extremely aggressive vice-chancellor. The verve defending the work of the Grand Coalition and the sharpness with which he attacked Norbert Walter-Borjans and Saskia Esken were astonishing.

  On the side of his partner Klara Geywitz, who remained much calmer, Scholz, for example, accused his opponents of relying on neoliberal instruments for climate protection, which Esken found "rather unabashedly". He also told Esken to be ill-informed: "You do not always have to recite everything you've learned by heart." When Walter-Borjans praised one aspect of the government's work, Scholz snapped: "Again, not bad!" Or he said, "That's too evasive for me now. Firstly, you're absolutely right. Second, it has nothing to do with what we're discussing."

  Whether this committed, sometimes even cheeky Scholz only had a one-time guest appearance remains for the time being open. The duel, however, was characterized by a chronic foxiness between the competitors and made differences overly clear.

The sense of wrongdoing by Donald Trump


Today in Washington, the first public hearings begin before a possible impeachment trial against the US president. The question is whether Donald Trump has urged the leadership of Ukraine to initiate investigations, which he hoped would harm the Democratic Party in general and Trump's potential rival Joe Biden in particular.

  The summary of a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj published by the White House suggests this suspicion. The statements of a whistleblower and statements by officials dealing with Ukraine have long been a clear picture: Trump made the payment of military aid to Ukraine dependent on their willingness to investigate.

  The investigation will probably produce numerous evidence of behavior that can be considered abuse of office. The strange thing about this procedure, however, is that Trump does not dispute much of what he is accused of doing. He just thinks it's normal. It is as if you accuse a mafia boss, who considers protection money payments the most normal thing in the world, of collecting protection money.

  Threatening impeachment against Trump: Finally!

Bloomberg, Biden, Warren or maybe Sanders?


Chris Aluka Berry / REUTERS

Will Michael Bloomberg still enter the US Democratic race for presidential candidacy? The entrepreneur and former mayor of New York would have at least one advantage over the incumbent: Trump would be a poor wretch by comparison. His fortune is estimated at three billion dollars. Bloomberg should own 52 billion. Every day, Bloomberg's decision is expected.

  I've been following the last presidential election campaign in the US and am still sure that if Bernie Sanders had become a Democrat candidate and not Hillary Clinton, Trump would never have become president. The not unfounded resentment against the Wall Street-funded establishment of the Democrats were crucial to Clinton's defeat.

  A candidate Bloomberg would have the same problem. Like Clinton, he is considered part of a class far removed from the reality of life of ordinary, often forgotten citizens.

  By the way, Bernie Sanders is still in the race. Although the very left Elizabeth Warren in surveys is currently slightly ahead of him, but I would write off under no circumstances. Sanders' campaign against billionaires in US politics (both candidates and supporters) has not lost strength or credibility despite his 78 years of life and a recent heart attack.

Winner of the day …


… is Amira Mohamed Ali. The 39-year-old member of parliament was yesterday elected as the successor of Sahra Wagenknecht to the new faction leader of the Left in the Bundestag. The most famous member of the party will be replaced by one of the most unknown. The lawyer from Oldenburg prevailed against Caren Lay. As a male part of the double top Dietmar Bartsch was confirmed in office.

  It is easier to memorize Karl Marx's "capital" than to grasp the power arithmetic within the left. Sloppy spoken means the choice Mohamed Ali, that the alliance of moderation (Bartsch) with the anti-capitalists (so far Wagenknecht) is continued. The main purpose of this alliance has been to keep party leaders Katja Kipping and Bernd Riexinger in check. The latter would rather have seen a victory of Caren Lay.

  The fight goes on! The power struggle, at least.


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