Poland: "Independence March" – tens of thousands follow call right wing extremists

Monday, 11.11.2019
22:33 clock

In Warsaw, tens of thousands took part in the right-wing extremist "independence march" called upon by Polish right-wing nationalists. The participants waved national flags and set fire to smoke bombs and firecrackers. Some chanted slogans such as "God, honor and fatherland" and "No to the European Union".


The march commemorates November 11, 1918, when Poland regained its independence after 123 years of occupation by Russia, Prussia and Austria-Hungary. For ten years, the extreme rights call on 11 November to the rally.

The event was based on a Marian song under the motto "Take the whole nation in your protection". The smoke bombs covered the march, in which the Polish national anthem could be heard, in the Polish national colors red and white. The police prevented clashes with anti-fascist counter-demonstrators.

Also Italian right-wing extremists thereby

  "We have to go back to our roots, our world has left God and Christianity," said Robert Bakiewicz, organizer of the event. "We will die if the nations of Western Europe are dying."

A small group of Italian right-wing extremists also participated. Right-wing MP Krzysztof Bosak described the march on Twitter as "the largest patriotic, anti-globalization and politically incorrect rally in Europe".

  Neither the right-wing government nor President Andrzej Duda took part in the independence march.

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