Winnetou: Apache chief comes newly filmed to the cinema

The Apache chief Winnetou is considered an absolute cult hero. Originally it comes from the numerous books by the author Karl May. The works of the German writer were later even more famous through many film adaptations. Now it was announced that Winnetou should come back to the cinemas. We'll tell you all about the new movie with the Apache Warrior.
A message from the Film TV fund Bayern has good news for Winnetou fans. A new movie about the popular character is in progress. The title is The Young Chief Winnetou. Thus celebrates one of the most successful film franchises in German cinema history his screen comeback.
There were eleven Winnetou films starring Pierre Brice in the lead role. Between 1962 and 1968 they came in rapid succession to the cinemas. From the beginning they were regarded as sensational hits. Winnetou by Harald Reinl from 1963 saw about ten million visitors. He is one of the 20 most watched films in German cinemas ever.
Viewers usually know Winnetou as an experienced warrior and chief. In The Young Chief Winnetou, however, they put us in the past. We meet Winnetou as 12-year-old Häutlingssohn. He already sees himself as a capable warrior, but his father Intschu-Tschuna sees it differently. His son still has a lot to learn before he can become a legend. When the buffaloes stay nearby, all their people are threatened. Together with the orphan Tom, Winnetou has to embark on a dangerous adventure.
Mike Marzuk, an expert in children's and youth films, works on the new Winnetou film. Marzuk is best known for his Five Friends Movies. He also worked on comedies like Rock It and Sommer. Support for the script he gets from Gesa Scheibner, who has worked on daily soaps like Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten. When The Young Chief Winnetou comes to the cinemas is not yet known.

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