Wong on situation in Hong Kong: "Government must end the madness"

              Thursday, November 21, 2019

              Joshua Wong is the face of the protest in Hong Kong. While demonstrators are still hiding in the Polytechnic University, he calls in an interview with n-tv: "The world leaders must now send a clear signal to President Xi Jinping." N-tv: Mr. Wong, what is the situation at the university? Are you in contact with the protesters who are continuing to persevere there? Joshua Wong: Yes, I have contact. They continue to stay there because they have no alternative. It is still an unbearable process by which force the police used on campus. They used rubber bullets and tear gas. Doctors and sisters have also been arrested. Even in a war the soldier would not do that. The Hong Kong government and the police have no respect for universal rights. That is madness. And that is not new. That's why the protests continue to escalate. There are elections in Hong Kong this weekend. You have been excluded from the elections in advance. Why is it still important for them to take place? The Hong Kong elections are being manipulated by Beijing and the Communist Party. Sunday is the day to make a protest vote and show how Hong Kong thinks and let the world know what we think about President Xi Jinping's policy. That will be our referendum. We are supported by 80 percent of the population. The protests have been going on for five months now. They have achieved a lot, stopped the extradition law. But at the same time, the pressure from Beijing has grown. Do not you run the risk that your movement will end in a dead end? Hong Kong has been at a dead end for 22 years. The one-state-two-system model is eroding. We must and we will maintain the spirit of democracy. Are you afraid of a military intervention in China? No one would find that good. By the way, the army is already present in Hong Kong. What we do not need at all is a repeat of the events in Beijing on Tiannanmen Square in 1989. The world leaders must now send a clear signal to President Xi Jinping. Hong Kong is at the forefront of defending liberal values ​​and freedom. In recent weeks, the violence of the protests has further escalated, including on the side of the protesters. Do you accept this as a last resort when it can not be otherwise? No one wants to see violence. Nobody. But when a government and its police make a mocking of victims and for their part act more and more violently against the protesters, then I understand that barricades are being built for self-defense. We must increase the pressure on the government to end this madness. Two months ago you were in Europe, including in Germany. How do you see support from the West, what do you expect from the West? The US Congress has now shown how to do it. The West must not remain calm: sanctions against those responsible for serious human rights violations in Hong Kong and an export ban on tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannons and handcuffs to Hong Kong police. What is your biggest concern for the future? Germany does not want to automatically exclude Huawei from building a 5G network, how do you see that? Beijing is using Huawei for its expansion plans. The world should be aware of that. Huawei is dominated by the Chinese Communist Party. The respect for private property and the respect for free flow of information are far from what we experience. With Joshua Wong spoke Dirk Emmerich

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