Disciplinary proceedings initiated: Policemen leave right-wing extremist abbreviation

              Tuesday, 03. December 2019

              Nine Brandenburg policemen pose in front of the slogan "Stop Ende Gelände!" and thus violate the prohibition of neutrality. After that, the officials are to paint over the lettering in their entirety – but instead they leave behind the abbreviation of a far-right group. Now imprisonment is imminent.
              The Brandenburg police have a disciplinary action against nine police officers because of a photo before the saying "Stop Ende Gelände!" expanded in Cottbus. According to the authorities, it is now about another photo, the letters "DC!" and a cancer icon on the wall shows. According to the police, the picture was taken by one of the nine policemen. So it was clear that the officers, at least knew this lettering and documented him before they left the place. According to a police spokesman, the two letters "DC" stand for the right-wing extremist group "Defend Cottbus". Apparently the last "e" in the original lettering has been converted into a "C". The cancer sign is borrowed from the coat of arms of Cottbus and is also used by right-wing extremists in Lusatia. The excitement about the behavior of the police began last week shortly before a police operation in Lusatia – where climate activists from "Ende Gelände" called for protests. The nine riot police posed in front of the saying "Stop Ende Gelände!", The photo circulated on social networks. The officials violated the neutrality law. Then they should paint over the slogan on the wall. The nine officials will be relocated for three months this week, the police said. The investigations lead the internal audit. According to the police, the State Criminal Police Office and the public prosecutor's office also agree on an examination of a suspected case of public prosecution for crimes.

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