Files become classified information: Scheuer is supposed to hinder toll sub-committee

              Wednesday December 18, 2019

              Complete transparency – that's what Minister of Transport Scheuer promised after the debacle about the car toll that had burst. According to a media report, however, files are now classified as confidential, which should be discussed in the committee of inquiry.
              After the end of the planned car toll, Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer actually promised full transparency in dealing with the affair. But now employees of the Federal Ministry of Transport have apparently taken files for the investigative committee from the Bundestag and classified them as confidential classified information. As the "Spiegel" reports, they took 52 files from the secretariat of the traffic committee, which had been requested as evidence by the investigation committee on the car toll and should be discussed there in public meetings. According to "Spiegel" Scheuer might want to prevent this. In any case, in the files subsequently forwarded from the Ministry of Transport to the Secretariat of the Investigation Committee, many documents were no longer freely available. Well over a hundred documents, which were previously marked "VS – only for official use", now had the degree of confidentiality "VS – confidential". This means that they can only be read by MPs and "security-checked employees" in the secret service of the Bundestag. However, the papers would be taboo for public meetings of the committee of inquiry, writes the "Spiegel". Particularly explosive: According to the report, many of the documents that are now under lock and key are of central importance for dealing with the toll affair. Among them is a status report from May, in which a risk assessment of the infringement proceedings between Austria and Germany shows a yellow light – and signaled to the officials that something could still go wrong. In addition, the documents should document that the Ministry of Transport outsourced one billion euros to a shadow budget and thus reduced the official expenses for the toll below the limit of two billion euros specified by the Bundestag Arbitration Proceedings "and" Bidder's Business and Trade Secrets ". "The process seems bizarre," said the chairman of the transport committee, Cem Özdemir, the "mirror". "Obviously, Minister Scheuer has decided to hide part of the files from the public again." It was particularly surprising that MPs had already made copies of the files now collected and some media had reported about them.

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