Qatar Journey: Because Collects Compliments for German Industry

Monday, 02.12.2019
07:29 clock

German industry enjoys a great reputation in Qatar. Accordingly, the reception was friendly, the representative of the domestic economy of Lower Saxony Minister President Stephan Weil prepared during his trip through the emirate on the Persian Gulf. One of the pleasing dates was, for example, the meeting with Hessa al-Dzhabir, who has sat on Volkswagen's Supervisory Board since 2016 as a representative of Qatar Qatar State Fund.


QIA holds 17 percent of the voting rights in the company and is thus the third largest shareholder after the families Porsche / Piëch and the state of Lower Saxony. He is also involved in other German companies such as Deutsche Bank, Siemens or Hapag-Lloyd.

Al-Dzhabir, sees the group strengthened in the long term by the severe crisis of the exhaust gas scandal. The manipulation of the pollutant emissions from diesel engines, which were flown in September 2015, have been painful for the Wolfsburg. But meanwhile one sees: "VW is stronger today than three years ago.The crisis helped with the realignment of the enterprise."

Qatar Airways interested in Lufthansa participation

  In general, she values ​​German industry, said al-Dzhabir. Even in the global competition for market shares, one notices that companies in the Federal Republic could benefit from their high quality. She has great respect for German engineering: "Qatar has raw materials, Germany good heads."

At the meeting with the head of the Qatari state airline Qatar Airways, Akbar Al-Baker, there was also praise for Lufthansa. "If there is a way to invest in Lufthansa, then we would like to do that," said the manager on Sunday after the conversation with Weil. In a first step, he could at least imagine a "partnership".

  "Germany is a very important country for us, both in air transport services and in the development of tourism," said Al-Baker. Qatar Airways already holds shares in various other companies.


But restrictions on traffic rights in the EU are still a problem. Qatar wants to be the first country in the Gulf region to conclude a comprehensive aviation agreement with Brussels in order to gradually expand its rights. Currently, however, prevent the Brexit process ratification. "I am very optimistic that the EU will be ready to ratify once the Brexit issue is resolved," Al Baker said.

  Because is until Tuesday with a large business delegation in Qatar. Because and the company representatives want to expand the relationship with Doha in business and science. It should also be about possible new projects.

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