Anorexia in men – documentary series on TV

 Eating disorders have long been considered a female disease, but at least ten percent of those affected are male. Like Elija (19) and Markus (32). The "37 °" documentary "Only skin and bones – When men are anorexic" on Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 10.15 p.m. on ZDF, accompanies the two in their attempt to get well again. The film authors Caroline Haertel and Mirjana Momirovic accompanied the two men with the camera for almost a year.
Contrary to all the doctors' predictions, Markus survived. He was 26 when the dangerous hunger started. He leaned to 38 kilograms – with a size of 1.94 meters. After his last long hospital stay at Bochum University Hospital and one year of intensive therapy in a shared apartment, he was allowed to move to a therapy apartment. There he has to take care of himself and practice living alone, but is in close contact with a nutritionist and therapist. The 32-year-old wants his life back. Can he handle it alone
Elija from near Siegen was 16 years old when he discovered Instagram and YouTube. "I didn't have a male or boy's ideal of beauty before. It just started to develop. And for me it was 'muscular and thin'." From then on, he trained every evening in the gym, later in the morning in front of the school and sometimes even in the free hours. At the same time, he ate less and less and became weaker and weaker. Until he ran out of strength. That brought about a change.
The "37 °" broadcast will be available on the broadcast day from 8:00 a.m. in the ZDFmediathek.

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