Electric cars: Bill wants tenants to be entitled to charging station

Apartment owners and tenants in apartment buildings should always be entitled to the installation of electric car charging options. The Federal Ministry of Justice demands this in a bill. "As a rule, the owners' assembly must not deny the construction measures," says the paper published by the ministry on Tuesday. "In order for the transition to e-mobility to succeed, we need a nationwide and reliable charging infrastructure," said Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD). The cabinet and the Bundestag still have to approve the plans.

At present, structural changes often require the consent of all apartment owners in a property, according to the explanations on the draft law. So far, the landlord has been able to completely prohibit the construction of charging stations in a tenement house. That should change with the new law. The costs for the construction of a charging station as well as follow-up costs for maintenance or repairs should then be borne by the person to whom they benefit. Most e-car owners charge at home. The coalition partner signaled approval for the plans of the SPD minister. "We are essentially satisfied with the Federal Minister of Justice's draft law," said Thorsten Frei (CDU), deputy chairman of the Union parliamentary group in the Bundestag. "In the future it will be ensured that economically sensible measures can be decided more easily and thus implemented." The new law could enter into force this year.

A recent study had found that the majority of e-car owners primarily charge their cars at home. So far, public pillars have hardly been used. Nevertheless, experts see the poorly developed charging infrastructure in public spaces as an obstacle to growing electromobility. According to the government's plan, there will be one million charging points across Germany by 2030.
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