Formula 1 | Vettel angry: "I think it's totally asi, that's not possible at all"

The topic of environmental protection has now also reached Formula One. The premier class has long wanted to be "greener" and is committed to sustainability – with hybrid engines, lower fuel consumption and longer-lasting components. And it goes on: Formula 1 wants to be completely carbon neutral by 2030. Lewis Hamilton is seen in the scene as the face of environmental protection. The Brit invested in a vegan burger chain and campaigned for the topic in his social networks – even if he got plenty of headwind due to his job. He doesn't consider himself to be particularly political, yet he follows the news as best he can.

"I find it interesting to see what's going on in the world," he says, speaking of a "terrifying time for all of us." Hamilton is particularly concerned that there are hardly any solutions from the powers above. And if they do, they'll take too long for him. "The world is changing slowly," he says. "I do not see that this will change drastically in the near future." Not topic number one, he also includes Formula 1 in his criticism. Although he is a supporter of the approaches, he finds it strange that it takes ten years to implement them: "I do not quite understand why this is not faster," he says. "And all these big companies with lots of money and power can definitely bring about change a little faster." But the main reason is that the issue is not a top priority for governments and the world in general. Until this is not number 1, everything will go slowly, he fears, and Sebastian Vettel agrees. "Politics have failed in the past," he writes badly to those responsible. "Hopefully they will get there soon and find solutions," said the German. "We have to take care of the matter instead of ignoring it before it is too late." Vettel: "I think that's totally asi!" He himself wants to set a good example and has been observed many times as he is in Formula 1 – Paddock collects plastic bottles and puts them in the trash. He does the same thing when he goes running in the forest. "I think that's the worst," Vettel told "ARD" and hates when people just throw their trash somewhere. "I don't know if it just falls out of your pocket. It's a mystery to me how something like this happens It doesn't make sense to me that you consciously open the window from your car or just drop something. I think it's totally okay, you can't do that! ", he is annoyed. "I'm sorry if I say it the way it is. But there are people." He hopes that he can convert at least a few and feel guilty – although of course he is aware that some might find it strange. "Then many ask: 'What does he want to show us? He flies tens of thousands of kilometers around the world himself.'" For Vettel a "very German approach", as he says. At the table with Greta Thunberg "But we have to get away from this attitude and get everyone wondering what contribution they can make themselves, "Vettel told the Swiss newspaper 'Blick'. "Everyone can and must do something." In this context, he finds the commitment of environmental activist Greta Thunberg extremely positive and, on request, would have no problem eating out with her. "But I don't know if she wants to sit at a table with me. From her point of view, I'm not exactly a role model," he laughs. But that's exactly what Vettel and Hamilton are about. Formula 1 is their job, which brings a few inconveniences. But that doesn't mean that you can't do something for the environment anyway. "There's not much we can do as individuals, other than maybe trying to be a little better within our own bladder," says Hamilton. "And if you have a platform, try to exude some positivity."

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