Outstanding bitterness leads DHB team in game for 5th place

The German handball players got up again after the drama against Croatia and are playing fifth place after the victory against Austria on Saturday in Stockholm Johannes Bitter accepted the award as "Man of the Match", on the sidelines national coach Christian Prokop applauded his goalkeeper almost a little. The best player of the game went ahead with full effort in the 34:22 (16:13) victory of the German handball players against Austria and then worried a bit about whether his two sons were allowed to experience it: "I have to go straight to it Call home to see if you saw it. "

Meanwhile, Prokop took a deep breath on the "ARD" microphone. "Maybe I could enjoy the last ten minutes, that was a big mental challenge," said the 41-year-old. "ARD" expert Dominik Klein called for "public backing for the coach", and Prokop himself "found it very bitter that we would lose against Croatia with a goal, and then a barrel is opened because of the coach. This team is developing anyway just a very good feeling for itself. "In any case, Germany passed the character test against Austria with flying colors. The key game against the host was won in the Wiener Stadthalle, supported by the strong bitter and with a top attitude. The flight to the placement game on Saturday in Stockholm has been booked, the main round final on Wednesday against the Czech Republic (8:30 p.m.) has no influence on this. Austria has a better startBest thrower in a highly motivated team was once again Timo Kastening on the right wing, "Mr "Steal Deal" was everywhere and benefited from his fast legs and the perfect interaction with Jogi Bitter. Kastening sank the ball six times in the Austrian goal, five times hit Tobias Reichmann, "dethroned" on the right wing, from the seven-meter point. The highly motivated team of national coach Christian Prokop could not stop even a failed start. At first it was too unimaginative to attack and too passive in defense, the Austrians brought many technical errors into play. The German backcourt couldn't think of much against the defensive coverage of the hosts, Andreas Wolff had to pull the ball out of the goal too often at the back, then Johannes Bitter's hour struck after 15 minutes with a 7: 9 deficit, and for the entire team it was a kind of wake up call. The bitter, celebrated with choruses, parried six out of nine throws at his chest until half-time, and he also perfectly set boxing in scene with centimeter-precise allusions to the counter-attack. Defensive giant Patrick Wiencek was no longer there at the time, the Kieler complained about knee problems and did not come back into the game in the second half. Chemistry between bitter and wolf is right could be there. The 22-year-old organized the cover together with the early playing Hendrik Pekeler, Germany now came into play better and better. At 15:13, the defense changed back to 6: 0, and the Austrians also found no means against it. In the second half, the German team remained uncompromising, there was no weak phase against a desperately fighting host, for whom there was still a lot goes to a place in an Olympic qualifying tournament. The moves are almost effortless, and when things got tight at the back, Johannes Bitter was there again. After each successful action he went to the bank and clapped with Wolff – the chemistry between the two keepers is right in every situation. In the 49th minute Hendrik Pekeler threw the ball into the empty Austrian goal at 29:19, it was the first ten Leadership for the German team. Bitter's quota at that time was a terrific 50 percent. The game was over, Germany did not back an inch, and Austria suffered its biggest defeat in the course of the tournament. Prokop chased the last seconds with his hands in his pockets until the final siren, his team left nothing to burn.

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