Rock Hard – ABBATH: Bass player Mia W. Wallace leaves the band

ABBATH bassist Mia W. Wallace announced in a Facebook post that she was "no longer needed" and was therefore no longer part of the band.

Last November, ABBATH vocalist Abbath (aka Olve Eikemo) officially announced that he would be undergoing an addiction treatment. The announcement followed the cancellation of several concerts on the South America tour and the cancellation of a show in Buenos Aires, Argentina, after only two songs for "health reasons". The front man of the Norwegian black metallers later explained that these are addiction problems that he wants to combat. As it turns out, the apparently difficult situation at ABBATH seems to have hit other members of the band as well. Bassist Mia W. Wallace announced her departure on Facebook today with the following statement: "Sadly, I was forced to ABBATH It was a challenging but also exciting / exciting time and I am very proud of my contribution for the "Outstrider" album, the concerts, the videos for 'Harvest Pyre' and 'Hecate' as well as the images and the promotion of the Band in general, I had a dream come true that I could be part of ABBATH and I can say from the bottom of my heart that I was loyal to the team and Abbath myself, everyone can see that from the Argentina concert at which I stayed on stage to the bitter end. I didn't always agree with some other people in the ABBATH camp and I have my opinion honestly and without anger or nega expressive intentions, but unfortunately not everyone is able to do so. I am disappointed that none of my former bandmates contacted me during this process, except for a five-minute phone call from ABBATH's manager, which told me that I was no longer needed. I was told not to contact anyone in the band. The explanation for this had no substance and only brought more questions and confusion for me. Until then I had prepared for the European tour, as I was told. I had to cancel other plans and take time to work on the tour, which I devoted a lot of time to preparing, and I am genuinely grateful for all the support from fans, the media, everyone at Season Of Mist, and the staff at Abbath! Sincere thanks to you! That means everything to me in these difficult times. I also wish Abbath the best that I will always appreciate as an artist and thank him for the opportunity he has given me. Now I'm going to focus on my next step. I have some very interesting new projects in the works. I promise you haven't heard from me yet. Ciao! Mia "ABBATH released their current studio album" Outstrider "in July 2019 via Season Of Mist.

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Author: Simon Bauer

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