Rock Hard – THUNDERSTICK: New single released


14.01.2020, 12:26

The British NWOBHM heroes THUNDERSTICK are back after a few changes in the line-up with a new single.

The single contains the tracks 'Go To Sleep With The Enemy' and 'I Close My Eyes', both new recordings of the songs of the same name from the 2017 "Something Wicked This Way Comes" album, and at the same time the first recordings with singer Raven Blackwing, which were in the joined the band last year and replaced her predecessor Lucie V. THUNDERSTICK is the band from Barry Graham "Thunderstick" Purkis, who was a drummer at Samson for a few years after a short stint at Iron Maiden in 1977. The group released an EP and an album in the eighties before it disbanded in 1988 and has been active again since 2016. Frontwoman Raven comments the single as follows: "I am really looking forward to the release, my first THUNDERSTICK recordings. The first year I had a lot of love and support with the band and we think that re-recording two tracks from "Something Wicked This Way Comes" is a cool way to say thank you for it, which is a real milestone for me the release paves the way for the first THUNDERSTONE live release, "Something Wicked This Way Came … Thunderstick Live In France". "Purkis adds:" We will also go on tour in 2020 with our eccentric "Anomaly Stage Show" have not seen us live yet, be careful, we are the "Dark Cabaret Theater Hooligans" and on the way to steal your rock'n'roll hearts! "Thundertick live:


Author: Jens Peters

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