After the election scandal in Thuringia: Ramelow criticized with Hitler quote

              Thursday February 6, 2020

              The election of the FDP politician Kemmerich with the votes of the AfD to the Thuringian prime minister is angry with the former head of government Ramelow. He criticizes the choice with two pictures – and a quote from Hitler.
              The former Thuringian Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow from the Left Party has published a quote from Adolf Hitler on Twitter after the controversial election of the FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich with votes from the AfD. "'We achieved the greatest success in Thuringia. We are really the decisive party there today. […] The parties in Thuringia, which until now have been the government, cannot raise a majority without our participation.' A. Hitler, 02.02.1930 ", wrote Ramelow. Below his tweet Ramelow put two photos. The upper one shows a handshake between Hitler and former Reich President Paul von Hindenburg. He appointed Hitler Chancellor in 1933. The second picture shows the FDP politician Kemmerich, elected Prime Minister, shaking hands with the AfD parliamentary group leader, Björn Höcke. Höcke is the founder of the right-wing national "wing", which the Office for the Protection of the Constitution classifies as a suspected case in the field of right-wing extremism.

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