Coronavirus – Wuhan Hospital: Dancing Against Fear

Pastime in the era of the coronavirus epidemic: A Chinese pop song rattles out of the loudspeakers in a makeshift hospital in Wuhan. Such joint dance interventions are currently available in several makeshift hospitals in the region around Wuhan, which is particularly affected by the novel corona virus. Many Chinese online show their solidarity with the people in the hospitals – and with the millions of people who have to stay at home in China because of the far-reaching quarantine measures. The senior nurse explains why dancing, in particular, has a positive effect on hospital patients. Chen Xiaoyan, Zhongnan Hospital, University of Wuhan "Because of the unfamiliar environment, patients can get into a negative mood as soon as they arrive here. In addition, many patients live here. This can make them nervous and cause them to stay in bed a lot. We try to create a more active atmosphere by encouraging patients to do breathing exercises and dances. It also helps to regenerate lung function. Having fun makes you feel easy better. "On Friday, 21 additional medical teams with 3,170 employees from all over China arrived in Wuhan. They are supposed to take care of around 20 intensive care units in Wuhan and in the neighboring Huanggang. Authorities say more than 1,700 medical professionals in China have already contracted the coronavirus, six hospital workers have died, and the number of people diagnosed with Covid-19 lung disease has skyrocketed by 15,000 to more than 64,000 across China , This should also be due to new diagnostic criteria, according to which an infection can be detected by X-rays of the lungs, explains the chairman of the university hospital in Wuhan. According to the previous diagnosis, based on nucleic acid tests, many infected people were only registered as suspected cases. Wang Wei, Chairman of Tongji Hospital Wuhan "Doctors are under great pressure from this sudden increase in the number of patients. There is still a shortage of medical equipment and Protective gear." The number of deaths rose to a total of 1,380 on Friday. The World Health Organization continues to warn of the possibility of global spread. It is currently not yet possible to predict when the epidemic will peak.

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