Rock Hard – BLACK RAINBOWS: 'Isolation' celebrates audio premiere


February 13, 2020, 4:00 p.m.

BLACK RAINBOWS are unpacking their brand new track 'Isolation' for the first time. Curtain up and have fun!

The Italian psychedelic stoner rockers are back on May 1st with their new longplayer "Cosmic Ritual Supertrip" via Heavy Psych Sounds. The disc was recorded and produced by Fabio Sforza in the Forward Studios in Rome. The band reveals about the isolation 'Isolation': "'Isolation' is the first single we wanted to present from the new BLACK RAINBOWS album. It is monolithic, a big piece of stoner rock. The production is gigantic: drums, guitars, Bass, all merged into one, like a slap in the face. Imagine you're being blown away by a 100,000-pound heavyweight. "For more information on BLACK RAINBOWS, visit the official Facebook page. You can order your upcoming album "Cosmic Ritual Supertrip" here. The "Cosmic Ritual Supertrip" tracklist: 1. At Midnight You Cry2. Universal Phase3. Radio 6664. Isolation5. The Great Design6. Hypnotized By The Solenoid7. Master Rocket Power Blast8. Snowball9. Glittereyzed10. Sacred Graal


Author: Alexandra Michels

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