Trolls World Trailer – Goblin 2

The story of Trolls World Trailer – Goblin 2: An evil troll is up to mischief in the German Black Forest. Already in the 15th century it was transformed into a stone statue so that it can no longer cause any damage. Far from it, because today the villain is awakened. It is hardly surprising that he wants to catch up on the sleepy time. So he gets to work fresh to create new unrest. Unfortunately, grasping him is difficult because the troll has acquired a less conspicuous body. He is now in the lovely Vanessa, a young and beautiful maid from the village. However, the external appearance does not hide the fact that the troll only has evil in mind. In order to bring his underworld counterparts to the surface of the earth, he plans to open a portal. That must be prevented! This is helped by a group of people who really want to catch the troll. Actors: Helmut Krauss, Katy Karrenbauer, Jiří Lábus, Désirée Nick, Nadir Sisman, Cecilia Pillado, George Hardy, Ralf Bauer, Billie Zöckler, Eva Habermann, Santiago Ziesmer, Desirée Altig, Lutz van der Horst, Lukas Karlsch, Susanne von Medvey, Thomas Reiner, Uwe Karpa, Karen Markwardt, Vera Göpfert, Britta Selling, Michael Schumacher
Directed by Eric Dean Hordes
Production: Eric Dean Hordes, Edith de Montmirail
Script: Katy Karrenbauer, Simon Hauschild, Eric Dean Hordes
Background: The trashy fantasy horror flick not only has a curious story and equally expensive cast, but it is all about even before the release of Trolls World aka Under ControlROL aka Goblin 2. The makers of the film disagree about different cut versions. And there are differences in the title.
Film music: Dimitris Dodoras, Apollo Zapp
Country of production & year: Germany 2019
Roles: Helmut KraussDr. FischerKaty Karrenbauer Helga WolfJiří LábusRumburakDésirée Nick Catherine of Baden Nadir SismanCharlieCecilia PilladoBéatrice la MaitresseGeorge Hardy Michael Waits Ralf Bauer Bengel hard Keller Billie ZöcklerTipiEva Habermann Vanessa MajerSantiago ZiesmerCésar la MaitresseDesirée AltigNatalja Majer Lutz van der HorstArabelloLukas KarlschVoice of Charlie Susanne von MedveyVoice of Vanessa Majer Thomas Reiner Voice of SeekönigUwe KarpaHubertKaren Markwardt mother Vera GöpfertFrau Herman Britta Selling Madame PimèleMichael Schumacher Stengel hard Keller

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