Lets Dance: These are the dances of the third live show

 Hot pants, short skirts, cult hits and incredible dances. Friday is dance day again and "Let’s Dance" revives a wild decade in dance in the "70s Special". Germany's most beautiful dance show continues on Friday, March 13, 8:15 p.m., live on RTL with the third regular "Let's Dance" episode. 12 stars and professional dancers are looking forward to their dances with Victoria Swarovski and Daniel Hartwich. Who has to leave the show? These are the dances of the "70s Special" from "Let's Dance":
Artist Lili Paul-Roncalli (21) and Massimo Sinató (39): Slowfox, Close To You, Carpenters.
Moderators Ulrike von der Groeben (62) and Valentin Lusin (32): Tango, Notre Tango D'Amour, Vicky Leandros.
Model Loiza Lamers (25) and Andrzej Cibis (32): Jive, Under The Moon Of Love, Showaddywaddy.
Comedian Ilka Bessin (48) and Erich Klann (32): Rumba, If You Leave Me Now, Chicago.
TV personality & model Laura Müller (19) and Christian Polanc (41): Paso Doble, I Love Rock 'n' Roll, Arrows.
Actors Tijan Njie (28) and Kathrin Menzinger (31): Rumba, Let's Get It On, Marvin Gaye.
Singer, musician & composer John Kelly (52) and Regina Luca (31): Contemporary, Who'll Come With Me (David's Song), The Kelly Family.
"Last Man Standing" Moritz Hans (23) and Renata Lusin (32): Charleston, You're The One That I Want, Grease.
Soccer players Aílton (46) and Isabel Edvardsson (37): Cha Cha Cha, Daddy Cool, Boney M.
Actors Martin Klempnow (46) and Marta Arndt (30): Paso Doble, Cold As Ice, Foreigner.
Singers Luca Hänni (25) and Christina Luft (29): Samba, Stayin 'Alive, Bee Gees.
Moderators Sükrü Pehlivan (47) and Alona Uehlin (30): Cha Cha Cha, Car Wash, Rose Royce.
Joachim Llambi, Motsi Mabuse and Jorge González sit on the jury. Victoria Swarovski leads alongside Daniel Hartwich through the show.

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