Minister of the Royal Corona Test: "Prince Charles did not push his way forward"

              Thursday March 26, 2020

              The UK health system is groaning under the corona virus and many people are waiting for a Covid 19 test. The probably preferred treatment of Prince Charles, who tested positive, caused a stir on the island. Now the British Health Minister jumps to his side.
              While thousands of people in the UK are hoping for a coronavirus test, Kensington Palace has made Prince Charles's infection public relatively quickly. This raises the question of whether members of the royal family enjoy special treatment in times of crisis. British Health Minister Edward Argar has now firmly rejected such assumptions. "The Prince of Wales has not pushed forward," he told Sky News. The health minister even clashed with presenter Kay Burley on Sky’s live broadcast. Argar first wanted to answer the question of why the Prince of Wales is getting a test, but many health care workers still have to wait for it, with a counter question. Burley interrupted him harshly: "This is not how it works here. I ask the questions here, you answer." Argar agreed that the 71-year-old had corresponding mild symptoms that had led to a Covid 19 test. Otherwise, Prince Charles is "well". According to British media reports, Charles had taken part in an event with Prince Albert of Monaco on March 10. Albert II had been tested positive for the corona virus on March 19. British boxing world champion Anthony Joshua also voluntarily went into isolation after a meeting with Prince Charles, and in the television interview, Argar finally announced that the tests would be rolled out across the country, especially for health care workers. In the UK, more than 9000 people have now tested positive for the Sars-Cov-2 pathogen, and more than 422 people have died.

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