Rock Hard – LINDEMANN: Till Lindemann presents "The Greatest Comedian Freakshow" in Berlin


25.03.2020, 20:51

RAMMSTEIN singer Till Lindemann will be presenting his "The Greatest Comedian Freakshow" in the Berlin Admiralspalast for a few weeks in autumn 2020 in collaboration with the Flic Flac Circus.

RAMMSTEIN and LINDEMANN singer Till Lindemann announces a new project for this autumn: For his upcoming "The Greatest Comedian Freakshow", the front man is working with the circus Flic Flac, who in the past has already worked with a mixture of variety, acrobatics, Comedy, horror and magic attracted attention. "Naked provocation and extremely unusual entertainment promise a very special show, an evening of a special kind. Even more unusual, more radical, even more shocking," is the announcement of the makers. "The Greatest Comedian Freakshow" will be held on a total of 21 evenings from 28. October to November 15, 2020 performed in the Berlin Admiralspalast. Tickets are available online from € 29.90, but visitors are only allowed from the age of 18.


Author: Simon Bauer

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