Corona virus: Patrick Ewing tested positive for Covid-19

Patrick Ewing, a former star player in the US professional basketball league NBA, has tested positive for Covid-19. The 57-year-old said via Twitter. Accordingly, Ewing is currently in the hospital. "I'm fine, and we'll all get through it," he wrote.

"The virus is serious and should not be taken lightly," said Ewing. "I want to encourage everyone to stay safe and take care of themselves and their loved ones." No country in the world is as badly affected by the corona crisis as the United States. According to Johns Hopkins University, there are approximately 1.6 million Covid 19 cases there. According to this information, there are around 5.2 million registered cases worldwide.

As a professional, Ewing helped shape events in the NBA for 17 years and 15 seasons for the Knicks. In 1997 he led the team to the NBA finals, where New York failed at the Houston Rockets. Ewing was elected to the NBA Allstar team eleven times. No Knicks professional has scored more points so far. After his career, he was inducted into the basketball hall of fame.

After his career as a player Ewing became coach, for 15 years he worked mainly as an assistant in the professional field. Ewing finally returned to his roots in April 2017: since then he has been head coach of the basketball men's team at Georgetown University. He had played there himself and led the team to the college championship before moving to the NBA in 1985, and Georgetown Athletics said that no team member other than Ewing tested positive for Covid-19.
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