Formula 1 | Marko confirms: Talked to Vettel about return

Sebastian Vettel is in the Formula 1 paddock, which is overcrowded with self-portraits and chatting bags, one of the last personalities who can reliably keep a secret. The Grand Prix nation Germany currently hopes that he will continue his career despite the farewell to Ferrari. But he really only talks to his closest circle about what he's going to do.
"Sebastian," says GPDA director Alexander Wurz in the current "Sky" vodcast, "is a friend of mine." Wurz didn't see Ferrari's farewell "coming, because he always holds his cards close to his chest. When he switched from Red Bull to Ferrari, there were no rumors, it just happened. That is typical of Sebastian. Me like that about him. "
Helmut Marko, who has been a sponsor for many years, is one of the select few whom Vettel usually entrusts to himself in decisive phases of his career. Unlike Wurz, the Red Bull motorsport consultant admits in an interview with "Sky": "I spoke to Sebastian." Marko makes no bones about the fact that "of course" one also went through the options and options at Red Bull "is – but makes it clear:" Which unfortunately does not exist! We have existing contracts with Max and Alex Albon. This did not result at all. " He believes: "Sebastian would continue if he came into a winning team." Marko recommends the superstar duo to his intimate enemy of all places … For example, at Mercedes – a variant that Marko sees from the perspective of the Silver Arrows and from the perspective of Formula 1 as a whole, especially in times of the corona crisis, as a "sensational project". Even if it hurts him internally to recommend such a constellation to his intimate enemy Toto Wolff … That Hamilton and Vettel would "almost always" achieve double victories in a superior Mercedes would not be so good for him from Markos' point of view But the Hamilton vs. Seb fight, I think that would be something that would mobilize a very, very large number of viewers. "" If I interpret Toto's words correctly, it is a decision by Mercedes. Mercedes is doing it for marketing So from that point of view it would be the best and strongest gag you could do. " If his friend Niki Lauda were still alive, "I would of course advise him to take Vettel". Because Mercedes would achieve the "best possible advertising effectiveness". However, hardly any of the Formula 1 experts believe in a Hamilton-Vettel constellation in any Mercedes works team in 2021. Wurz, addressed in the 'Sky' vodcast on the subject of the driver market, is astonished at the matter-of-factness with which the experts assume that Hamilton will continue to drive Mercedes. "First I have a question. Maybe I missed something. But are you really 100% sure that Lewis will stay with Mercedes?", counters the former Benetton, McLaren and Williams pilot. "You all ask about the second cockpit at Mercedes, but the first one is not yet fixed!" As '' reported, it is not even certain whether the Daimler group will continue to exist at all in times of the corona crisis will have its own Formula 1 team. And Wolff "is currently debating whether he will stay in which function. There is a lot going on," says Wurz – and as a longtime Wolff confidante, he should actually know firsthand. Wurz "" gut feeling "says" that they’re going to stick to their current pairing, which seems to be very productive. If Lewis had been left behind for the past few years, Valtteri would have become world champion. The two work very well together. Everything else is speculation in the media, just like us Just do it. Let's wait and see how it turns out. "Vettel: Does he do it exactly like Alain Prost 1992? Should the dream of the superstar duel Hamilton against Vettel in the silver arrow remain a dream, then Vettel will probably end his career – or at least , such as Alain Prost in 1992, suspend one year and then try to become world champion again. Teams like Renault, which could theoretically offer him a cockpit, are not considered a serious option. Marko also sees it this way: "A four-time world champion who has achieved a great deal in sport, who is in good shape financially," he said. some middle class team "no longer do. A resignation would rather fit Vettel's "character, his style. It would be a shame for the sport, but for the person Vettel certainly the best solution, as long as no winning team is available." At Ferrari, Vettel seems to have entrusted this to Marko "Sebastian did not feel comfortable anymore. He must have felt it too, and I think the step of him was very brave and also right that he now took the consequences and did not renew the Ferrari contract." Wurz, however, suspects that The original love between Vettel and Ferrari has become a broken relationship over the years. He believes that Formula 1 drivers at Ferrari run the risk of being "burned out by the system". Vettel is not the first to have this happen, says Wurz – and in this context also names Fernando Alonso. "Sebastian didn't talk to me about it," Wurz clarifies, but speculates: "It seems to me that it happened. Ferrari is more than just the usual passion for racing drivers. At Ferrari, the pressure of an entire nation is on you. The drivers have to endure that and Ferrari demands a lot from its drivers. "" They love you if you win and advance the team. But if the success does not come, the tide turns […]. I keep observing that there is tension there. Not only with the drivers, but they have also changed team bosses. That comes from the outside, but also from the southern temperament This mixture seems to be difficult. "" In the era with Michael Schumacher, Ross Brawn, Rory Byrne, Jean Todt, this group was so strong together that they put all this Italian pressure aside and were successful could be. But since then, the unity has been lacking at Ferrari and they have been chasing their own expectations, "explains Wurz.

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